Monday, January 24, 2011

Day #3 - Wrap-Up

Yesterday was the first day on the "Very Low Calorie Diet" (VLCD).  I ended up losing 2.4 pounds.  I am not too excited as whenever I would diet in the past the first several days I would tend to lose a lot (usually water weight).  An interesting fact is apparently 1 ounce of water weighs .0652 pounds.

I think overall it went surprisingly well.  I will try to update this post later with photos of some of the meals, but I was shocked at how much food was "only" 250 calories.  The whole plate was covered in food.  I still find myself hungry after I eat, but I am pretty sure that is because I am used to consuming far more than 250 calories at a sitting.

For lunch I made Dr. Amanda and I some chicken.  I cubed the chicken and marinated it in lemon juice and Italian dressing.  I then washed it all off and cooked it in a skillet.  We each had half of a pear and carrots for the other requirements.  I ended up putting my chicken and a little spinach into half of a Flat Out and made sort of a Taco.  Dr. Amanda found some mustard that she wanted to try (she can't stand mustard whereas I love it).  It was Grey Poupon Mild & Creamy and it is highly recommended - my boss still maintains there is no way this is 0 Calorie...but if that is what the label says!

Here were the totals for lunch:

3.5oz Chicken - 119c
3oz Carrots - 30c
4oz Pear - 64c
1/2 Flat Out - 45c

Total 258 calories

For dinner we broke out the Mahi Mahi that we have had in our freezer (we are members of Costco).  After I thawed out the fish I marinated it in a lemon pepper sauce.  I then washed that off (it said it had 10 calories) and Dr. Amanda sprinkled some lemon pepper seasoning on it.  It was very good!  To round out the meal I went with carrots again, and 2 Cutie oranges.

Here were the totals for dinner:

4oz of Mahi Mahi - 95c
3oz Carrots - 30c
2 Cutie Oranges - 80c
1/2 Flat Out - 45c

Total 250 calories

Now admittedly one of my biggest problems is going to be the veggies portion.  I don't eat vegetables normally so I am sort of stuck with carrots.  I might be able to do some peas, but vegetables and I just do not mix.  I will continue with the carrots (easiest vegetable for lunch at work) and I will just have to monitor the weight loss to see how it is impacted by eating only one kind of vegetable.  If I didn't need the calories I would just ditch them altogether.

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