Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day #2 - Wrap-up

Well...the loading phase is complete.  For me at least Day #2 was much better than Day #1.  I think it is primarily because I spaced out my calories all day (more in the morning).  I actually went over the 5,000.  I ended up eating 2 fewer Hostess Apple Pies than I had planned on.  I also avoided "empty" calories at dinner by just drinking water and I even ate less of my dinner overall.

Even though it is cold we still decided to splurge and have ice cream since we will be without it for the next 60ish days.  Of course likely I will be done with it "forever".

Here was the final tally for yesterday:

2 Hostess Apple Pie's - 940c (40f)
2 Chocolate Long John's from Dunkin Donuts - 560c (30f)
1 Large Iced Hazzelnut Coffee with Double Cream & Double Liquid sugar from Dunkin Donuts - 450c (15f) - estimated
1 Chicken, Rice, Cheese Burrito from Chipotle - 1,130c (46f)
1 Large Pibb Xtra - 388c (0f)
1 Hostess Apple Pie - 470c (20f)
6 Breadsticks from Fazoli's - 900c (42f)
1/4 Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken from Fazoli's - 300c (9.75f)
1 King with Chocolate Custard from Twisers - 800c (20f) - estimated

Total: 5,938 calories (222.75 fat)

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