Friday, January 21, 2011

Day #1 - Loading Day

You want me to eat all of this?
Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to do the ChiroHCG diet.  Well, today is day #1, and it is a "Loading Day".  I will admit I am really not sure why it exists, and even more confused as to why there are 2 of them, but I will follow the directions to a T.

As you probably know, the "key" to weight loss and weight gain is the number of calories that you eat.  According to the experts I should be eating around 2,200 calories per day for my sedentary lifestyle.  If I were to eat 1,700 a day then I would lose 1 pound a week.  Conversely if I ate 2,700 a day then I would gain 1 pound a week.

Well, one of the requirements with loading day is that I eat 5,000 calories.  Let me let that sink in.  Yes once you get past the shock of it all, my first question was...How?  I don't normally eat breakfast, and even if I ate my favorite food (Chipotle) for lunch and dinner, I might only hit 2,000 calories.  So once I had made the decision to do this diet I had to find a way to hit the 5,000 calories. It is not enough to just stuff yourself.  I almost have to eat all day long...and hope that what I eat is quickly absorbed/expunged to make room for more food.

One of my favorite treats (that is unfortunately why I am fat) is a Hostess Apple Pies.  In preparing for this day (i.e. figuring out what favorite restaurants I would have to visit, etc) I had to come up with some filler food that I like, wasn't expensive, and would get me closer to my goal without causing too much pain.  Low and behold this great little "snack" is just the answer.  1 Apple Pie has 470 calories and 20 grams of fat.  Yes you read that right.  So if I were to eat 10 of them in 1 day that would put me at 4,700 calories and 200 grams of fat.

I cannot do that.  I still want to enjoy my last few days of "normal" food, so I have decided to limit myself to 5 pies a day to help cover half of my caloric "needs".  I actually went by the grocery store this morning after dropping Lexi off at Kindergarten and bought 10 of them (5 for each day).  When I was checking out the lady apologized for asking, but she was curious why I was buying so many of them.  Not being one to lie, I told her that it was for a diet.  She about keeled over right there!

I went ahead and had some breakfast this morning.  So far my caloric intake today has been:

1 Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit from McDonalds - 560c (36f)
1 Large Sweet Tea from McDonalds - 280c (0f)

Total Day #1 (so far) - 840 calories (36 fat)

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